From the influence and leadership of American missionaries around 1880, that saw in Brazil a field that needed people to serve and reach others with the Gospel, the National Missions Board, associated to the Brazilian Baptist Convention, was established in 1907 with a vision of spreading the with every Brazilian in every corner of our beautiful country. Because we understand that no matter where people are: in the countryside, in the forest, riverside communities, small cities, major urban centers, slums, condominiums, prisons, streets or alleys, we must develop strategies to reach all by this gospel that transforms.


With the mission of multiplying disciples the National Missions Board have 400 projects with 773 missionaries who carry out evangelistic and humanitarian actions, plant churches, all with the purpose of transforming lives through the Gospel.

Multiplying disciples is the reason for existing of National Missions Board that since its beginning has Jesus as an example. Aware of Brazilian population needs the missionary agency maintains more than 400 projects with 773 missionaries who carry out evangelistic and humanitarian actions, plant churches and transform lives.


In addition, National Missions Board have as their core values and main strategy to pray and trust the Lord on their purpose of transforming lives. With a standard of excellence for the glory of God and a motto of always advancing in the evangelization and discipleship of people in Brazil, without ever forgetting to be passionate about missions and to glorify the Lord Jesus in everything we do.


You can share your love for missions and be a part of what God is doing and will do in Brazil. Empower the missionaries of Brazilian Missions Board to make disciples all over this country. Explore the opportunities to share the gospel through our projects.